Application Form

monsterhero safari Application Form

Please carefully read the below application guidance and browse over the application form to make sure you are ready to fill in all sections before beginning.

It takes about 2 weeks to prepare and deliver your packs from your application date.

Please let us know the person who will be our contact for the Safari in your location.
We'll send you or the marketing contact the Marketing Toolkit.
We will give you an ETA but there will need to be someone present to receive the package.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a high resolution version of your logo in JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, AI or EPS format. This will be the one added to all marketing materials.
These posters aren't necessary to play the game but give players another place to begin the Safari in a central location and act as further marketing. Please think about many you can practically install.
Must be on or after July 25th

The Safari Pack

The pack consists of a marketing toolkit provided by Toolbox Marketing including: Digital and print-ready DL flyers, A4, A3 and A2 posters, a press release, social media imagery and social media examples. The Safari itself consists of printed A1 portrait 'Let's Go!' NFC posters, if you request them, and 10 A4 portrait 'Character' NFC window vinyl decals.

The pack is 100% free for hosts if you choose so, in this case you will receive the same Safari pack but only 'Wild in Art' will be displayed as the sponsor on all materials. The other option is that we custom print a Safari pack with you as a local co-sponsor - this will be displayed on all Safari character decals, digital and print-ready posters and flyers, the printed 'Let's Go!' poster and be mentioned in a localised press release.

Safari Cost to Play

We've managed to reduce the cost to play to £2.00 per family. This will cover all the costs of running the platform, processing, payment fees etc. The player is then asked to top this up with a voluntary donation, 100% of which goes to NHS Charites Together.

We were asked by many hosts if making the game free was an option. The developers have made changes so that you could opt for this instead. Should you wish to make the game free to play for your location, that would require that host organisations fund the platform costs for their local Safari at £2 per play with caps based on usage.

The cost to you as the host would only ever be £2 per family (so if only 100 families played, you would only be invoiced £200). You could set a limit i.e. the first 1,000 plays are free at a subsidised cost of £2,000 etc. We understand many organisations will be struggling for funding at the moment so this won’t be feasible for many but one potential source of funding could be the £50m Reopening High Streets Safely Fund although we cannot confirm if this would apply, it would be worth enquiring with your Local Authority.

In both cases, all donations, and we will suggest some amounts, will go to charity.

Safari Venues

Please confirm which venues will host the Safari. Remember, they will need public facing windows with clear accessible space in front for families to gather. Venues won't need to be open during the Safari but you will need to be able to access the venue to install the decal on the interior of the window.

The Safari venues can be located wherever you wish in your area. We recommend that you place them all within walking distance of each other for a single day out or in at least 2-3 walking distance groups so the safari could be done over several trips.